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Please read this rules before starting!

By using this services, you show your acceptance of these terms!

A strict enforcement of regulations and bans against undesirable behaviors. Undesirable behavior is when a user tries to start arguments by upset other users, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, foul language, or off topic messages on all our service,. with the intent of provoking a negative response or disrupting conversation(s). Posting content such as promotional, spam, racism, pornographic, sexual, illegal, or hate content is not allowed on all our services. All content uploaded or provided to the GP | Networking Services must be family friendly. This is including but is not limited to: Avatars, Signatures, Attachments, embeds, posts, as well as messages towards other users.​ Harassing of Users and/or Staff through private messages and/or public services or any other form of communication is not tolerated, and in any kind unacceptable. Impersonating administrators, moderators, or staff in any way, shape or form via our services is not allowed.

Standard Rules
● Respect all users.
● No spamming/links.
● Only request/play music in the MusicPlayer™ category. Command: ?play (url/title/name)
● No NSFW content. This includes even mildly suggestive content.
● No trading/selling/begging/advertising. Only advertise in #advertisement
● Do not beg for roles/ranks.
● Do not share anyone's personal information, even if they give you permission!
● If a @Moderators asks you to stop doing something, stop it.
● No insulting or explicit Profile pictures or names.

We encourage users to be helpful and remind others of the terms when they see that things aren't going according. However, users should not take over the role of a moderator.​​​ ​These policies are promoted as preventing abuse and/or violating our terms of services.
If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at #support_chat

For more information:

Kind Regards,

Wesley de Bruin | CEO and Founder

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Thank you.