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Welcome to the Official GFX | Productions™ Community!

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We are a Branding Design Company,
We help you to get your ideas in your head, to get real...

Our mission is to let people see what Creativity and Entertainment is all about. and what you can do with a small idea.

We started in 2011 as individuals because we had a hobby to make all kinds of Entertainment, and he wanted to became his job.
So we made it our jobs and now whilst doing this. It is our priority to always do our best, to deliver you content and services, on a whole new level.
So that eventually the whole world can see what we're doing, and that we're proud of it.

Here you can discuss all Entertainment related matters, like products, games, apps, review or other related subjects about GPN and its latest achievements/updates!

Don't forget to invite your Friends to this community for even more awesomeness

Standard Rules
● Respect all users.
● No spamming/links.
● No NSFW content. This includes even mildly suggestive content.
● No trading/selling/begging/advertising. Only advertise in #advertisement
● Do not beg for roles/ranks.
● Do not share anyone's personal information, even if they give you permission!
● If a @Moderators asks you to stop doing something, stop it.
● No insulting or explicit Profile pictures or names.

We encourage users to be helpful and remind others of the terms when they see that things aren't going according. However, users should not take over the role of a moderator.​​​
These policies are promoted as preventing abuse and/or violating our terms of services.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at http://help.gfx-pro.net

Kind Regards,

Wesley de Bruin | CEO and Founder

We are a Branding Design Company!
We help you to get your idea's in your head, to get real....

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Thank you.